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the amazing team consisting of the stars-brees, bush, thomas, porter, vilma, and many more, which has won the 2009-2010 super bowl vs. the indeanapolis colts, 31-17. there was much irony in this game, in that archy manning, the manning brother's father, was the quarterback of the saints for a while, so they grew up in new orleans, and that the quarterback of the saints, drew brees, went to pardue, a school in indiana. the colts started off strong, with a 10 to 0 lead, with 8 first downs to the saints 1, but for only the second time in superbowl history, a team came back and won from a 10 point deficit, and a quarterback threw for 32 completed passes. go saints.
yes man!!! new orleans saints won the superbowl!!!!! marti gra early this year!!! woooo!!!!!!!!
by couldnt think of a pseudonym February 8, 2010
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