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A troubled adult going through a mid-life crisis. Most likely someone from a rural population or someone who is uneducated on the mechanism of action of vaccines and bases their understanding of vaccines solely on the non-intellects around them or through the propaganda provided by anti-vaccination groups. This person is very likely someone who heavily relies on case reports for their understanding of the major side-effects of vaccines thinking this type of anecdotal evidence is real science and is easily swayed by the media. This person may also be someone who has supposedly lost or has known someone who has lost a child to immunization. Thankfully, I am not one of these people, if you couldn't already tell.
Jenny McCarthy is an anti-vaccer. Anyone who is an anti-vaccer is highly inclined to reject the proponents of modern medicine altogether, but comes forward to the doctor when they have a serious medical condition that their "herbal supplements" couldn't fix.
by contractile vacuole April 21, 2018
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