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The actual best thing ever. Hugs are the shit. They can pick you up when you're feeling down, or you can just enjoy them whenever. It doesn't have to be with your significant other or a family member. You can just walk up to one of the boys and tell him, "hey bro, I'm having a rough day, can I get a hug?" and if he's truly your bro he'll say "I got you bro" and give you a good-ass hug.

Don't ever think that needing a hug makes you less of a man. You're a king, and you deserve the right to be respected and heard when you let down your walls. It's okay to be vulnerable, and sometimes a hug is literally all you need. Go get your hugs
Me: "Hey man, I really need a hug"
Bro: "Bring it in man"
*hug ensues*
Me: "You're the man bro"

Girl: "Want a blowjob?"
Me: "Actually, I'm kind of beat and I could really just use a hug."
Girl: "Oh okay, do you wanna talk about anything?"
Me: "No thanks, I just wanna be held for a bit."
by conloschicos July 6, 2020
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