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A Zoe has one of a kind curly hair that is brown, she has blue eyes, and a smile people are fond of. Zoe is so beautiful that her looks are intimidating. She is honest, funny, kind, trustworthy, athletic, wise, loving, lovable, and genius. Zoe is a procrastinator, stressed, sad-looking, always has something to do, and is emotional. Zoe has high ambitions and has a unique self-respect that many people lack. She has a lot of guy and girl friends. She loves her girl best friends and is IN love with her guy best friends(which is usually one or two). When Zoe falls in love she falls hard so don't break her heart. Overall, Zoe needed, envied, and amazing.
Zoe is so amazing she belongs in the Harry Potter series.

"That girl over there is perfect."
"Duh, she's Zoe."
by coldplayinglife October 30, 2011

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A book series (and movie series) that is and always will be the best. Words can't explain how amazing it is. It is just the best thing ever! Thanks to J.K. Rowling

"Harry Potter is Godly."
by coldplayinglife October 30, 2011

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