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n: veritable semen-slide from the vagina to the anus; cum-covered taint; frequent occurrence in contemporary porn, a WATERSTREET often occurs following bareback vaginal sex, when the man pulls out directly after orgasm.

Note: To be used without an article, like a disease; one contracts “waterstreet”-- not “A waterstreet.”
“Ruth’s lottery-number was high, but she got WATERSTREET all the same, along with the rest of the Sophomore girls.”
by codan the barbarian April 16, 2005

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adj : more than one in number, but less than four; a couple; two, three.
"Me an' Mr. B're gonna go smoke a COUPLETWOTHREE doobies during the break for all our homies who ain't around no mo'."

"Mr. Belt and I taught Wifey a COUPLETWOTHREE lessons for talking back that she won't soon forget."
by codan the barbarian April 14, 2005

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