1 definition by cnstnteen

A phrase used by non-native english speakers, its meaning is close to the single slowly. The repetition could seem unnecessary but its different to single-"slowly" as slowly slowly has a positive connotation, it means chill, let things take their time, don't rush ect.

Often said by native greek speakers when speaking english, translated from the orignal greek "σιγα σιγα" (slowly slowly), who are unaware that this phrase is not used by native english speakers, and they could have just said "slowly" one time instead.
Jimmy: Your idea is incredible, o my god, you have to market it now, and then start your company, and you'll be rich in no time.

Maria: No man, slowly slowly, I'll take my time and make sure I do everything right along the way!
by cnstnteen March 28, 2021