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Girls who has the same hairstyles, always teases their hair, and wears make up most of the time, eyeliner most specifically. These girls are major flirts. They are referred as Cake Faces and Crusty Faced Biatches. They love to flirt with guys, and they love to act cool. Their height doesn't usually go taller than 5'2''. They are usually Asian. These girls are also posers. They love to take pictures of themselves, because they are self centered girls. They have at least dated more than 6 different guys. They usually shop at a store called Aritzia, wearing those sweaters that has a penis sign on it, rather called TNA. These girls are mostly in high school. Clones are like baby prostitutes. They want to look like Import Models, but yet, they can't pull it off. These girls love to pretend to be interested to things the guys they like are interested in, eventhough it doesn't really suit them. These girls are like weeds, you try getting rid of them, but their population keep on growing. They're annoying, and they will flirt with all the hot guys in the environment.
Maaan, look at that, it's a clone, go hide!
How come clones wear too much make up? Cake faced much?
by clonebuster August 07, 2010

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