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the best state ever. it's not exactly like new york - big city yes, but no new england culture or street vendors. (except those hispanic people selling ice cream or those weird tomato chips.) there are a lot of different ethnic groups of people.

in so cal we have the valley (valley girls) and lotsa gangsta people down south. then there are the party people with their weed & acid, those bad things...but don't get me wrong theres lots of cheesy people ....every state has its losers.

there's the beach, the valley, the ghetto places, beverly hills (those rich people), hollywood, and those really camping/mountain-ish places up north. there's also palm springs, the desert.

WEATHER: yeah the summers are hot. compared to the east coast, our winters are pretty weak.

despite common misconceptions, not everyone in california is blonde or surfer.

plus we have the governator.
1. California is my favorite place in the world...my home and i'll never leave
by city lights March 14, 2007

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