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A term that is know as Football to the whole world apart from America, Canada & Australia. Requires you to have agility to run for 90 mins +. Also requires two feet and a round ball. Good balance is also needed. It's the most over paid job that has higher wages than any other sport, alot of the people who play it are cheaters, they also feel that kicking a ball in a net is the hardest thing in the world. Go retardly crazy when they kick a ball in a net. Professional Footballers only play because of the $100,000 pay check at the end of the game. Although they still like the sport. Most footballers earn pocket money by doing advertisments for boots that make poor kids fell like crap, and they get paid millions for it. Get all the nice women because the biotchs are too popular to be seen with any1 who has a useful job like firefighters & police officers etc. Crowd control is also very poor in some countries due to their dumbness of liking the sport and thinking they are hard fight 1 person with 150 of their low life pals. In some countries, the national football side is referred to as "the troops" even they are no where near as brave as the actual troops who fight for their rich asses. Chavs also favour this sport.
Rugby, American Football, Baseball, Ice Hockey, Basketball hell even snail racing is more fun than soccer.
by chrisusa February 22, 2007

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