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A animated character who the episode interactive community all swoon for. Christopher shaw was created by the holy lord of episode... aka Violet. Christopher is a gorgeous masterpiece made up of olive skin, defined triangle face carved from the gods above, sexy short cropped black hair, straight bold eyebrows, cute button nose, delicious unveven lips that you want to kiss, and lastly, green roung piercing eyes that oddly only ever look good on christopher and no other episode character. In conclusion, it is best to say that christopher shaw rules out every episode character ever made by the episode community. Thanks to violet, we have this lovely specimen to look forward too.
Girl 1: Hey, have you read the new episode of the shaw brothers?
Girl 2: Yes, I did. I enjoyed the lovely view of Christopher shaw.
by christopher lover 101 July 08, 2019

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Basically... an app invented for 10 year olds after a bunch of teenagers an adults took over and started the episode community. The episode community consists of 40 year olds who have no life and willingly take time out of their day to spend hours on a computer creating episode stories while getting paid, horny teenagers who create episode gods, and laslty a bunch of authors who start a story and upload frequently then decide not to upload for 700 million years... Episode is a very addicting app and people who use it might be Called weirdos. Fortunately the people who do use the app do not care if they are called weirdos because the community is basically a cult. Teenagers also use their time and days making instagram edits of sexy characters for example, (the shaw brothers, Axel sangriento, landon wilder, and so many others).
Girl 1: Why do you play {Episode Interactive}?
Girl 2: Why not? it is the best thing ever made.
by christopher lover 101 July 08, 2019

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