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A girl that is generally nice. She hangs out with a majority of guys and plays video games and is basically one of the guys. But she can also be girly and do girl things; shop, makeup, ect. But for some reason can never get a boyfriend. One, because the guys seem to only see her as one of the guys and she never gets noticed. Two, she sticks arounds listening to all her guy friends problems with their current sluts and gives advice. Three, she is always taken for granted and lets herself be taken for granted, hoping that one day a guy will notice how wonderful she really is. But that will obviously not happen anytime soon since all guys seem to be attracted to are easy girls, with caked on makeup, skimpy clothing, and probably a million unknown STDs.
-Dude Jen is so good at guitar hero!
-Yah i know! and she's a pretty nice girl.
-you're right maybe you should ask her out
-Fuck no she's like one of the guys!
by chrisssybob September 17, 2008
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