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a music style that emo punk teenagers refuse to call music. also known by emo teenagers as
the reason that so many people are against rap music is because the way that it is portrayed in the media. MTV and BET keep playing rap videos by: 50 cent, young jeezy, unk, lil jon, soulja boy, and a bunch of other talentless losers that would never have been signed, if not for so many suburban wiggers loving that kind of stuff. you never hear alot of talented rappers on the radio, such as talib kweli, mos def, common, lupe fiasco, or nas. the closest you'll get to a talented brother in the rap game that even white kids will listen to is kanye west, and maybe chamillionaire (he is a very talented lyricist, especialy for a mainstream dirty south rapper). i dont get how rap music has started so many trends, like baggy clothes, giant golden chains, air force ones, and spinning rims, all of which look really stupid, especially when you see white 20 year olds with that shit. honestly without real hip hop, i might actually agree with the punk emo kids that think rap is nothing but ho's, guns, drugs, and cars.
emo: man rap is retarded. every single rapper alive just talks about clothes, money, and bitches.

wanksta: what, foo are you shittin me? rap is the dopest shit ever, your just jealous because rock singers arent hard enough to shoot niggas up on the block

man who actually knows what hes talking about: you both must be on crack. rap is much more than "clothes, money, and bitches". and no body really gives a damn about "shootin niggas up on the block" listen to rap that actually makes sense, has a message and a meaning, and maybe you'll learn to actually appreciate it.
by chris elliott November 23, 2007
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a slutty, usually ugly, female who watches all hockey team functions, even practices, in hopes of getting a go with one (or all) of the players
Amelia and Kaitlyn are the known puck sluts of the team.
by Chris Elliott November 16, 2007
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