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A talented group of 3 men Nick, 16 Joe, 20, and Kevin,21. They have 4 records and 2 of them have gone #1(A Little Bit Longer and Lines Vines and Trying Times).Most people like to make fun of them because they are on Disney or their style of clothing...but mostly these people are jealous because the Jonas Brothers are millionares before the age of 25 and they have had 3 sold out tours.... and the fuckers who make fun of them still live in their moms basement and masterbate at little girls riding their bikes past the window. if they wernt talented they never would of made it famous...and all the girls woulnt love them
Mark:The jonas Brothers suck
Carla: How old are you again they have had so much success trust me ur opinon isnt needed
by chicken67 July 31, 2009

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