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The true origin of "chayis" is unknown, though some same it is related to Doc Fitz's retarded way of saying "there he is." According to legend, when a student walked into his class late, instead of saying "there he is," Doc Fitz said something along the lines of "chahh-eez-suhh," which we interpret as "chayis sir" today.

Chayis may stand alone, though it is commonly followed by sir, as in: "Oh, chayis sir."

Chayis has taken on a much broader meaning, now referring to almost anything the speaker wants, making it difficult to interpret. "Chayis" is ofter seen as a difficult concept by females.
John: Yo, who's that kid?
Ryan: I don't know, some chayis.

Who invited you, chayis?

Ohhh, chayis sir.

Yo, chayis.
by chayissir December 15, 2010

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