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usually spelt aussie but ozzie will do, they are the greatest people on earth and you will find them with mad accents, and at a barbie with a VB or beer in one hand and a snag or four'n'twenty in the other. they always have plenty of sheilas and have been known to drive holden utes and the likes. greatest people on the earth. aussie aussie aussie oi oi oi
1 "g'day mate"
"shutup fool, you not ozzie(aussie) you dingleberry"

2"chuck another shrimp on the barbie"
"go away bogan, we want more snags"

3"nice beater mate"
"fuck off you fillet-o-fish"

4"oi, throw us another beer"
"coming right up, asswipe"

5"hey dingus, nice ute"
"don't touch it you anal leakage"

6"your an absolute skidmark"
"get out you poof"
by champ, sugar August 10, 2006

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an absolute wanka of a person, even more extreme than being just a "tool" or a "big tool". being called a major tool is one of the worst things that can ever happen to you. if you do get called a major tool its best to hide under a rock.
johno: mate you are the biggest dickhead i've ever met
Greg: yeah well your stinky muff.
johno: shutup bro your a major tool!!
greg: you don't mean that
johno: be quite assclown, go hide under a rock
by champ, sugar August 09, 2006

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a fagnose is a person everybody dislikes, or a way to tell ya mate his acting like a total tool, or if ya mate touches your woman you call him a fagnose. can also be used if the person had an abnormally large or funny looking nose/ nose area.
1Greg: Dude, Liam is such a fucking fagnose.
John: yeah i know, he sucks major cock.

2boob: look at johno's nose,
tom: hahahah its a fagnose for sure
boob: fuckin oath

3pope: (as a poof walks past) FAGNOSE!!
by champ, sugar August 09, 2006

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