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Vandalism committed by gangbangers and their suburban wannabes (Who never tag up their own neighborhoods because if their parents found out, they would take away the BMW) in my friggin' neighborhood using paint, scratching glass, poo, mud, etc.

Popularized in graffiti shows by shitheads like Mark Ecko and the crappy Scion toaster company who don't like graffiti in their own neighborhoods either. It was bad enough when it was gangs marking territory. Now there are overgrown little kids who crave attention and want their tag to show up on the news. Get your parents to buy you some canvas, or go cut yourself, or take ex and nitrous, or drugs, or whatever else you do for kicks, and just hurt yourself, and leave Richmond alone you wannabes.

Those cochinos think their graffiti is art, but it just makes my ghetto look more ghetto.
by ch00mp June 13, 2009
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