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Simply the most beautiful and greatest girls on this planet.
- Man, that French girl, she's so awesome dude.
- I know, she's french Man! French girls are cooL.
by celiagod January 31, 2009

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Someone shady, lying, manipulating, macho, selfish, sadist, mean, pervert, in one other word, one big asshole.
His main hobbies are:
- making up fake stories about you and trash you in your back to make himself feel above and cool to people, without considering the damages done.
- fib you like crazy and betray you afterwards in order to break you and make you feel miserable.

Unless you like being brainwashed, despised, disrespected, humiliated and let down like crap, if ever you meet one guy with this name RUN AWAY before he will screw you.
Also, one thing to always keep in mind when meeting or befriending such person: never believe / trust him. EVER.
Ex 1:
- Man I'm so mad about that mean Marcos. He made up some fake stories about me & my girlfriend, only trying to make us break-up.

Ex 2:
- I'm selling my car to that blond guy I met in this bar. I think you know him.
- Oh no bro don't sell to this dude, he's a crook. he's had criminal records already, he will try to screw you by any way he can. Just sell your car to another dude or you won't get your money!

Ex 3: - Hey girl don't be sad, that Marcos was just using you for sex.
- I know, but he told me so many sweet things... I can't believe he betrayed and ditched me in such nasty and low ways.
- Yeah but he was just fibbing and manipulating you for more sex. Forget him, he's just an asshole, you deserve better.
by celiagod November 12, 2012

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