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A "has been" team..... they can't keep up with barcelona. a team full of dutch, and also known for their idiotic racist & fascist fans.

favorite team of the fascist francisco franco. who used to buy them anything.

also known to be a corrupt team that owns MARCA (spanish media)
person #1) hey, barcelona are faaaaar better than REAL MADrid.
person #2) yeah, franco isnt here to buy them all the tropies he used to.
person #1) hahahahahaha yeah, you're right!
person #2) did you hear? they just siged their 11th dutch player.
person #1) hahaha....
person #1) hey, do you think they will still sign cristiano ronaldo & kaka next summer?
person #2) hahahahahahahaha are you serious? not a chance!!!!!
person #2)hey, lets go watch a REAL team (barcelona). the game just started....
by cataluyaIsaNation January 29, 2009
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