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ussuually someone who life revolves around themselves, they are ussually spoiled bitch less, but think they know somehting about hardship, or think they know ghetto living, they are expectant to get what they want, and when they dont get it, they freak and think thats the worst thing to happend to anyone in history.

ussuallly they are really annoying, they think they are some how superior to anyone, and that everyone ont he earth needs to spend all their money on getting the most expensive clothing, cars, cell phones. what not.

ussually very rude to anyone, except their closest friend, but dont think they are. they ussually never think of themselfs are preps, they use words like pimp, cool people, gangster, thug, what have you.
non-prep "hey you prep, get the fuck away.
"im no prep, im a gangster" -prpe
"you"ve never even seen a real life ghetto, so stfu" -non-prep
by castle_ahh December 08, 2005
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