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Badly modified car made to look fast but most probably running the original 4 cylinder engine with less than 100 horse power. Usually Japanese, although, there are a few European and American examples about.

Identifying features include:

* Ear piercing fart like sounds produced by the exhaust.

* Loud music coming from the car.

* Badly modified lowered suspension makes the car bounce dangerously even on the smoothest of roads.

* Often seen wrapped around the tree.

* Often driven by spotty teenagers with their equally spotty girlfriends on the passenger seat.

* HUGE wings made out of sheet aluminium.
Oh look! Another rice burner wrapped around a tree.
by camaro kid September 03, 2003
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One of the most beautiful pony cars ever made, it was always true to the original formula and sadly was discontinued in 2002 after 4 generations of some of the greatest cars the world has ever seen.
My Camaro will out corner any stupid little hot hatch.

My Camaro is the coolest car in town.
by camaro kid September 03, 2003
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