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In 1979 Ridley Scott directed one of the most famed sci-fi horror movies to grace the silver screen. The name of the movie was 'Alien'.
(By the way, the date isn't '2037', that was simply the computer interface number, the real and actual date for the film is June, 2122)
The film kicks off when a commercial Starship Nostromo recieves a extraterrestrial signal coming from a strange planet, and when the crew go to investigate one of the crewmembers gets infected with a type of spider like sex organ attached to his face. The thing eventually comes off and dies and the weary Astronaut seems fine, at least for the moment until they are rejoining and having dinner, that's where things go wrong; He gags, he screams, and a monster bursts out of his ribcage and gets loose on the ship. One by one, the crew starts to dissapear until only a sole survivor, Warrent Officer Ellen Ripley, is left alive.
FAN: Dude did you see Alien?
FAN#2: Hell yeah that movie rocks.
by caffeine4671 February 13, 2006

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