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A Norweigian name that is quite common in Norway, but unknown everywhere else.

It is often mistaken for "stain" as in a stain on your clothing, and a guy with this name could even be called Stanley. This name may be quite annoying to have if you are not in Norway, but it is a beautiful name nevertheless.

A Stian is a great guy. Sometimes he's a jerk, but deep down, he has a caring soul. He's very intelligent, athletic, but very hard to get close too. He often says things without thinking about it, which can lead to fights or even lost friendships. He needs to learn to hold his tongue at times. Stian's are water creatures, they love being in the water, and do not enjoy eating their fellow water mates (fish).

A Stian will steal your heart, break it in two, but no matter what you'll just keep coming back for more.
"Where are you from?" 'Norway.' "Oh really? What's your name?" 'Stian, you?' "Wow, your name is Stian?! What an awesome name. How do you pronounce that again?"
by cadburywhore July 12, 2013
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