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Naggerjew Edits (v.) The act of trolling/annoying (hence the word nagger) someone til they kick you from their server, chat room, etc. Usually occurs in online gaming. Rules state that you should tell the person afterward, but this is not always the case. You must type "This has been a sucessful Naggerjew Edit" in the chat box after you have done your trolling.

The originator of this term will remain unknown.
The word "Jew" is added in there for comical purposes.
Naggerjew: Sup negus's!
Person 1: hi
Naggerjew: You suck cow nipples!
Person 1: ew!

*Naggerjew gets kicked*

Naggerjew: yo c3 copied c5
Shabah: wtf fans?
Naggerjew: sponge IQ ftw

This has been a sucessful naggerjew edits!
by c5BLABBERS October 25, 2010
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