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1. To be cool, off the chains.

2. Or when some one makes a really good comeback.
1. Dude that guy was so bouse i want to hang with him.

2. (Bobby) Dude, you are the ugliest thing I have ever seen!!!!
(Quinn) at least im not a freak that stalks Kevin Federline and makes out with my dog!!!!! (tyrone) ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh that was BOUSE
by bryan d May 14, 2008
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Mix of hideous and heinous.

Meaning extremely ugly. Unbearable to be looked at it is so ugly!!!

*Comes from the person who brought you bouse!*
Danny- Did you see that cat that just walked by? It had burnt fur and yogurt all over it's face. It also was covered in horse manure and had spam smothered on it.

Christina- Oh my gosh that I when I saw it I almost pukek!! It was so hidanus!!!
by bryan d June 27, 2009
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A shorter and cooler way to say the term "sprint walk"

Used when you or someone is walking very fast.

Can be used in different ways: Sprawked, Sprawks, Sprawked, Sprawking, Sprawker, or Sprawkathon.
"We better sprawk to class, I don't want to be late."

"You're right, our carpool was late today, we better get sprawking!"
by bryan d November 16, 2009
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