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1. (noun) Term describing an intense, feverish, violent ejaculation. Used in more formal contexts, as opposed to milk blast.
Just the thought of naked, sweaty, young aliens caused Tom Cruise to have a liquid explosion.
by bromojo August 27, 2006
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1. (verb) To defile - Verb used to describe what happens to a caucasian woman after she has intercourse with an african american. Defilement generally refers to the fact that such women are then considered unsuitable for subsequent courtship by self-respecting caucasians.

History- Defilement was first discovered upon correlating pornstar's salaries with the actors they were paired with. White women who worked with black men earned lower salaries than their non-defiled counterparts. And when a white pornstar would do a black man for the first time, her pay subsequently decreased as a result of the decreased demand to see her on screen.
Rockstar- Did you see that girl I was talking to? She looks like Jennifer Anniston. Oh man, I would eat her shit to find out where it came from!
Cowboy- Rockstar, she has been defiled.
Rockstar- WHAT??? NOOOOO! What a waste! I'd rather fuck Dick Cheney.
by bromojo August 27, 2006
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1. (noun) A white woman who's progeny is a mix of caucasian and african-american descent. Usually a white woman who is so fat, horse-faced, smelly, dirty, and nasty that the only sex she could get would be from a desperate black man motivated solely by his desire to defile a white woman.
I knew that bitch with the gap tooth, crusty teeth was a mulatto popper before I even saw her baby's daddy, who, might I add, is a nigger.
by bromojo August 27, 2006
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