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a truck made in the 1980s by chevrolet. usually fixed up for rock crawling and lifted. it looks like the k-5 blazers without their tops on. also a truck driven around by a bro kid and an all american
joe: check out that Chevy K-10
alex; aww dude that's f##king sick
joe: yeah i know dude way better than a ford
alex: well you know what they say Ford Owners Ride D!ck
joe: you have that right
by bro joe January 14, 2009
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1 the biggest mistake you could have ever made
2 the signing over of every dollar you make for a piece of sh!t
1 you mean he not only bought a ford but has a lease on it. lmfao
2 what happened to his retirement? well he signed a ford lease and the piece of sh!t hasn't worked since it came of the assembly line
by bro joe January 14, 2009
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