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A briva is a person who is both a brat and a diva at the same time. This person is often obnoxious and has an overpowering presence. Nobody wants to be friends with or be near a briva. They usually think that they are better than everyone else, but never actually are. They cling onto normal nice people and force their presence upon them. They also think that their problems are way worse than everybody else's. If things don't go a briva's way, you need to evacuate the briva's presence and wait for an explosion. The more severe version of a briva is the briveen, the brat diva queen. They are the scum of humanity.
Jessica: I hate my life, my dog died and my parents are getting divorced!

Frank: Shut up. I broke a nail today. I hate MY life.

Jessica: you are such a briva.....
by brivatastic August 14, 2011
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