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Where to even begin...? Austen is a sweet and sexy guy. He knows how to sweet talk a girl. Austen has a good heart and knows how to make anyone feel better even if it may seem impossible at the time. He even says these flirty things that make you melt inside. Austen is a one of a kind person. If there is a problem, he will try his best to fix it as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, he tends to cause drama. But that doesn't mean people don't stop loving him. Even if you start to dislike him...give it up because he will make you love him without even knowing it. He can take over your dreams, you can easily have dreams with him there or about him. Austen is someone you couldn't have gone without knowing.
B-That Austen is really somethin'!

H- I know! He is such a great guy!
B- I know, I can't stop loving him even if I tried.
H- He has that affect on girls!
by brebre895 October 29, 2011
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