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A high school in South Carolina where you are either really rich or really poor, really smart or really dumb, and really pretty or extremely ratchet. It's not known for athletics, but the IB program allows it to rank highly nationally for academics. Athletics have been getting better; the Socastee football team beat the reigning state champs, Myrtle Beach. If you go to Socastee, you know that Redneck Row is where all the rednecks park their trucks on the front row and rev their engines loudly after school.

Common nicknames for Socastee are socastease, socastd, socatrash, socasteez, and alcatraz.
Person 1: Did you hear about Socastee?
Person 2: You mean that awesome school where all the IB kids go?
Person 1: Yeah, I heard that it was just voted the number one school in the county.
Person 2: I wish I was a Socastee kid...
by bravenation October 09, 2012

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