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When a good looking girl or girls have an unhealthy obsession with talking in weird voices. They'll be talking normal one minute, but then suddenly their voices will transition to an old lady impersonation or creepy midget. Sometimes they will be referred to as bramy and Crazums. They sometimes will have random yelling spasms and start screaming weird pitched gibberish at strangers.

You don't expect it and you will find it either extremely creepy or strangely sexy and seductive.
Guy 1: Hey, those girls are hot, let's go talk to them.

Guy 2: Nahh man, they're being normal right now but they got the voice crazies.

Guy 1: The what?

Guy 2: Ya know, when chicks start spewing weird sounding voices and noises.

Guy 1: Damn voice throwup.
by bramybiddiewhutwhut November 20, 2012
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