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Most likely a dash of Eastern Europe, approximately 666,666 tablespoons of the high quality cute&sexy mix, topped off with a sprinkle of mental health issues and a splash of vodka.
If you ever come across a Monika in your life, your only option is to either fall in love or run away.
WARNING: Monika will always be an All or nothing kind of girl, and sees the world only in black & white so you NEED to be mentally strong to experience the goddess willing to do anything for your pleasure, or see the devil incarnate herself.
SPOILER ALERT: It's all god damn worth it.
''Do you know a Monika mate?''
''Nah unfortunately not, there ain't enough of them''

''Yoo seen you yesterday with a beauty by your side who that?!''
''This girl I've been dating recently bro her name's Monika''
by bpttyrty May 24, 2018
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