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Jeon Jungkook

A talented, hardworking and dedicated person.
HIS personality is shy at first but turns out very energetic if you get to know him!
He has such a beautiful voice, filled with so many different emotions.
Jungkook is also boyfriend material don’t fight me on this.
He rocks every hair style, and a big bonus : he is hella cute.
Also fit af!
He goes to the gym and makes girl drool because of his face.
HIS smile is the most precious thing in this world.
He is the kind of guy you think you won’t ever have a chance with, which is so true.
He is the cold guy, who isn’t interested but once he finds his true love, he will give that person the world and would do anything to protect.
Definitely the man of our dreams.
by boujee4life October 17, 2019
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