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The strange sexual practice of catching a pigeon and tying it to your penis with string or rope and then throwing it in the air so that when it flys around you get a masochistic sexual thrill. Also known as pigeon jogging, pigeon tugging or pigeon jerking.
that dude has no dick - it came off while he was pigeon fagging!
by boris the evil bastard August 22, 2006

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A Vicki horror film is a term used to describe a lame horror film that has little blood and gore in it and are often described as "chillers" . A Vicki horror will have a certificate of 12 or 15 but never usually 18 (R). It is usually aimed at the teen market and will have at least one actor who used to be in dawsons creek or a similar teen drama in it. Basically any horror film that girls enjoy is a vicki horror film. These films usually have a weak cliched storyline such as a haunted house and will probably have some kind of romantic subplot or a boring story about a ghostly child who needs saving. Examples are the movies Ghostship, The Sixth Sense, Cursed, Godsend and The haunting.

The term began in surrey, england and is used throughout the region. It is rumoured to have been derived from a local character named vicki and the phrase has since spread across the UK. It has become so popular in southern england that blockbuster have started to officially recognize the term and are considering creating a new section in their stores entitled "Vicki Horror".
Si: Is Ghostship a good film?
Jay: Nah mate its a vicki horror film!
by boris the evil bastard August 23, 2006

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