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A pejorative noun referring to a person or group of people who's character exhibits some or all of the following attributes: coarseness, brutishness, beastliness, corruptness or stupidity.

It is synonymous with Animal but unlike it the singular and plural forms are identical.
After watching people acting depravedly.
"What complete and utter animalia..."
by bootsandbraces June 02, 2009
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A noun describing a person who is frequently gobby or mouthy.
"That cunt over there is a right mouthpiece."
by bootsandbraces May 25, 2009
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A derogatory term used to describe people who listens to metal music. Presumeably because of the stereotype that all metallers are social rejects who have emotionally issues.
"Look at that corpse paint wearing faggot, blatent pillow puncher..."
by bootsandbraces August 09, 2009
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