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A whiney stupid bitch from Plano that bitches whether or not somebody smiles at them or not.
They always walk around with their stupid cell phone. They sometimes give you this look your a piece of shit.
Hi: How can I help you?
Plano cunt: Mom I don't like those tampons they make my cooch itch. I don't like scratching my pussy with a wire brush.
Me: When you get off the phone I'll help you.
Plano cunt: What did you say? I am having a very important phone conversation with my mother. I'll tell my mom what you said to me and she'll come down here and kick your ass.

Me: Fuck you Plano Cunt!
by boody man October 19, 2004

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A filthy scuzzy West Plano fuck that walks around pist off all the time.
Hey you fucking asshole I'm talking to you. You parked in the pregnant Broad space.

Fuck you Plano Terd!
by boody man October 19, 2004

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