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Known as 'Gan', it is a town of 5000 people who frequently smoke marijuana in a certain shed on Henrietta. The 'Gan Boys" are rarely fucked with as their reputation of being badass exceeds the bravery of kingston bitches and brockville freaks. The 'Gan Girls' are commonly known as sluts as they love to bang everyone. Legends of a 'mudslide' are true. She was the biggest slut ever and bangs 50 year olds and is also known as the 'Gananoque Slut'. Keep burnin 'em boys.
That guy's from gan, lets not fuck with him.
That's a gan girl, what a whore.
Lets go get high in Gananoque.
Gananoque has good weed.
by bonghits November 20, 2006
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