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Englewood is a small city in bergen county, New Jersey. For all you idiots who keep saying calling englewood "englehood" and "the hills"... you're all ass holes. You probably have never travelled past the tracks and have no right to call it that. I'm a white upper middle class citizen living on the "other side of the tracks" and attended private school all my life. I can say first hand this is absolutely not a dangerous place. just because there are black and hispanic people who live on the other side doesnt mean you need a fucking gun. and my best friend who is black lives in what you call "the hills." the last person to shoot a gun in englewood was a disturbed white guy living in a mansion on "the hills." get your facts straight.
kelly: My mom said not to cross the tracks in englewood or I'll get shot by mean ethnic men.
me: shut up dumb racist bitch. Shove your chanel bag up your ass, and shut the fuck up.
by boat5678 January 02, 2010

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