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Can't Remember Shit Syndrome

Psychiatric disorder prevalent among undergraduates - characterized by ability to remember random and mostly irrelevant details but not the general concepts into which they fit.

This disorder presents in two distinct but not exclusive settings: an acute or "exam induced" form and a "chronic" or habitual form and may be a general term which covers a panoply of similar disorders. The acute form often remits spontaneously after withdrawal of offending stimulus but is highly recurrent with subsequent bouts typically increasing in severity; the chronic form progresses relentlessly and is universally terminal within four years of onset.

Affected individuals often appear confused and happy after doing hideously on papers, exams, etc. The later stages of this disorder are characterized by loss of verbal continence, increased social isolation and ultimately death.

CRSS must be differentiated from the effects of drugs such as marijuana and prescription medications and other disorders seen among university students.

Disorder is not listed in the DSM.
The introductory biochemistry student correctly drew the structure of phosphotidylinositol 1,4,5-trisphosphate but could not describe its role in intracellular signaling.

He also wrote on the exam that 2r4r was the PDB code of a crystal structure of the beta-adrenergic receptor but was unable to describe signaling through trimeric g proteins in general.

The student was diagnosed with acute CRSS and was placed in a glass walled study room for further observation.
by blue_eyes010 March 27, 2010

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