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Mikie is a god. He cannot be beaten in a fight. He is extremely sexy, and gets some every Friday. A nice person, but if you piss him off, there goes your arm. Makes friends easily and a great person to be around. Don't call him Mickey or he'll bite you.
person 1-Hey look, there's Mikie.

person 2-OHHHH GOD!!! He's so hot. I just love being around him.
by blue ackie February 23, 2008

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1.You usually get sucked into this game by your friends, which fail school to play this load of ass. You start out on a plank of wood with some whiny bitch yelling at you. She doesn't shut up until you give her some attention.

Then you go into a tree, wearing this genital-crunching apple suit. Clever huh? Apple, in a tree. HAHAHAAHAHA, we're all laughing, cause it's so creative and new.

It takes about 10000 hours to gain a level. You might get addicted but after a while it gets boring. It is said to be better than runescape. An upside is that it's too gay for pedophiles. That's about it.

2.An excellent way to end your life.


4. Makes you switch genders.

person 2: Oh, you're a noob. I can pwn 24 mushrooms at a time, so you lose at life. Go hang yourself.

Another person #1: Hey, I'm really horny. Wanna makeout?

Another person #2: FUCK NO, MAN!!! I'm PWning some snails now! UBER PWNAGE!11111!!!

Another nother person #1: Hey, you should probably do your algebra homework instead of playing maplestory all day.

Another nother person #2: HAHAHA! That's for LOSERS! I'll just act sick or somethin and somehow pull off an A+! MY plan is foolproof! I'm gonna go talk on vent now. STFU NuB!1!!11lol!11!
by blue ackie February 23, 2008

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