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An individual with Aspergers syndrome is above average intelligence and appears to have normal social and communication and looks and talks normal as well.The only thing that is different about them is that they love star trek,star wars,star gate etc...
BUT some with aspergers aren't as gifted as the above.These symptoms include:
being terrified of their own shadow (basically everything)
severely impaired social functioning
EXTREME dependency (the same level as a five year old)
Mild,moderate to severe learning difficulties
Can't play sports because they are terrified of the ball or even the bat!
Severe anxiety issues
Very poor co-ordination
person A:"That kid is dumb as fuck! He's terrified of his own shadow and he didn't know what 5 add 5 was"
person B:"Shut up,he's got Aspergers"
person A:"I thought they were supposed to be geniuses?"
by blobby70 January 16, 2009

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