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the front man of Newark, New Jersey based band My Chemical Romance. He has a huge amount of teenie fans, usually based around the ages of 12-14. I am just astonished by his great impact on my life. People should just learn that he has better things to do than read that they want to fuck him. Watch LOTMS, and he will simply tell you that MCR has no groupies, and nor do they want any.... Overall, Gerard Way is an amazing artist/musician, and he has a comic book series called “The Umbrella Academy” coming out in May.
1. Teenie: lYk.. oMg gERALd iS sOoOoOo EFfIn HawWWTttt!! i lYK tOtAlLy WAnna HaVe HiS BaByZzzZzzzZZZZzzz!!!!!!!
Me: Shut up, loser. You need to realize how much Gerard Way really means to some people.

2. Gerard Way is amazing. He saved my life as well as other people's. MCR rocks and so does he!
by bladeyoustain April 03, 2007

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