2 definitions by bittersweet_romantic

1.) Stupid Weird Abnormal Dumb Elephant
2.) Code for Sean Wade, a very hot guy with very hot blue eyes
3.) A boy who humps the fat French teacher
4.) Preppy kid who plays soliloquy with Wesley
5.) Weirdo
1.) Did you see the swade?
2.) Did you see swade? Hott!
3.) Shut up and sit down, swade.
4.) Hey Wesley, swade... ew, go away.
5.) You're being such a swade.
by bittersweet_romantic February 11, 2005
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1.) your life force, or energy. In Chinese actually QI.
2.) the persocom/chobit that Hideki falls in love with in the CLAMP manga series Chobits
1.) I sense that your chi is not flowing well...
2.) You are way too obsessed over Chi.
by bittersweet_romantic February 12, 2005
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