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payoutused to describe the state of a diabetic as their blood sugar level becomes too lowhypoglycaemia. As often friends of a diabetic will notice this reaction before they do,sudden slurring of speech, acting drunk, strange behaviour, bad temper, talking loud, etc.
Or anyone acting strange.
the wordsfreakin outare said loud and are streached ie. frreeeekin aaaaaat!!!!
"look at *****, he's FREAKIN OUT"
"***** are you FREAKIN OUT"
by bird1969 November 3, 2005
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A very stupid person that continuelly (even after being told a trillion times) day by day / hour by hour / second by second, stuffs up.
Or just dose very retarded,obvious acts.
The original phrase used by the inventer of the word, describing the clowns who were running the country librals anti-union news corp

Seeing a person riding a bike down the wrong side of the road, with a pink shirt which says "look blue sky" in the middle of winter during a hail storm, trying to mix themself a drink of orange Tang in a bucket.

by bird1969 November 2, 2005
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