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To act crazy or psychotic in an effort to promote the self interests of a massive out of control ego that has clearly, already checked out of some inter-galactic space hotel in the E-237 Nebula. To post rambling, nonsensical, non sequitur messages on social media networks, mainstream media channels and earthly-based radio frequency transmitters that are probably controlled by Trolls. To wave hands and smoke a lot of cigarettes while talking with sychophants on earthly based, land, cell and satellite phones, while at the same time being re-assured that you are sane, still funny and relevant by godesses, agents and Hollywood.
You are totally "Sheenin". You got fired from your job because you get drunk all the time. You have all these wild parties at your house on the weekend and in Vegas. You are hooking up with really hot girls all the time and have actually married a few and..... Oh crap! What was I saying? Oh yeah! You are totally Sheenin! You are WINNING and crazy! Rock on you crazy Warlock!
by bignorge March 10, 2011
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