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The airport security asked me why I have Imodium in my bag. I said there isn't anything worse than getting the Arkansas andale while on vacation.

Dang, that Frito Pie gave me the Arkansas andale, and now I'm stuck in the bathroom.
by bexar86 March 08, 2010
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Peeing in the shower.
I just cleaned the shower, so don't kiss your sister!

no more kissing my sister, you.
(laughs) What? Huh? Hmm? Um, that's an expression for peeing in the shower.
I'm not gonna pee in the shower anymore.
Why? Why doesn't he get to do that? Yeah.
Yeah, that's true.
Why can't I? And why bring it up now? It goes right down the drain.
You know what? Let's all kiss our sister.
by Bexar86 May 12, 2015
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