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A shunew is a word used to describe someone who fails at average tasks. Shunew is a hybrid mix between a shoebie and a newbie. Shunew's have shown a steady increase in population since the sudden outbreak in 2008. Shunew's can be found in small to medium sized groups practicing normal day behavior in a dangerously novice fashion. Shunew's have spread globally to places all around the world, watch out.
"Don't go to that party man, its a shunew fest"

"A shunew just moved into the house next door, lets go kick his ass."

"I was once friends with a shunew, then I turned straight."

Shunew: Yo i'm tryin to get cocked pass me a drink

Person 2: Whatchu want boi
Shunew: Mike's Hard
Person 2: fuck you shunew.

Shunew Quotes

"Thats 2 cups im on fire."

"Just picked up a fat dime sack, i'm about to get fucked up.

"yeah, I mean I always got like a dime on me"

*tries to swat away bounce shot; knocks over all his cups*
partner: "fuckin shunew"
by benscount February 17, 2012

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