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a group of kids, mostly skater fags, who love to constantly repeat the word tank (i.e. tanked, your so tanked, i tanked you, hey lets go out back and tank, have you ever been tanked by a man before?, come over and we'll tank all night long, dude touch my tank, shoot your tank all over my tank, or yo tank get in my tank and lets tank it over to tankville where we'll do some major tanking)

they also enjoy pretending that theyr from the streets, whilst beeing rich.

at a tank kid party or "tankfest", tank kids engage in borderline gay shit, such as the game "mushie cookie", which involves tank kids standing in a circle jerking off on a cookie, the loser eating the jizz-cookie. tank kids get away with such behavior by claiming its "cool" and "super tank" and "totally ungay".

to add to their fagginess, they wear extreemly tight pants, straight hats, sweatband/wristbands depicting retarded images such as skull and crossbones or pink and yellow polka dots (aka "tankbands") and often skateboard outback of pizza shops, drinking rockstar and monster energy drinks, whilst smoking cigarettes purly to look cool and ungay in front of the tank higher-ups, reapeating phrases such as "dude did u see me tank that flight of stairs?" or "brohan, i just grinded my tank all over that rail" and "tank it up tankenstein".

it is well known that tank kids are shitty fighters and pussies, not unlike their emo and guido counter parts, thus, they must travel in large groups, carrying knives, which is completely redundent because they dont have the balls to use them.
bill: "yo dude, last night i woke up and jon was totally blowin me"

joe: "yo thats so tank!"

bystander: "umm, excuse me, isnt that...gay?"

bill: "no bro, its totally tank and ungay."

parent: "john, i found pants 2 sizes to small, an abercrombie and fitch male model magazeen, and bag of sawdust and a oregano that you wrote "super dank tank sticky" on. have you been tanking?"

john: "NO MOM, GOD!!! ITS NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS!!!(shit i paid 50 bucks for oregano, thats so untank dude)"

tank kids: "yo, back up of my boys bro, your bein so untank"(bradeshing a knife)

normal kids: "alright tank shit, you got the balls to carry a knife, lets see if you got the balls to use it"

(tank kids walk away crying, but cheer themselves up by picking out a kid in the tank group and giving him an abe lincoln, or any other jizz related homo practice)
by bennys suck ass May 05, 2008
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