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A hybrid word derived from "bad" + "acne".
Damn, that girl has seriously bad acne. She has B'acne.
by ben2k9 August 15, 2006
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originally a free downloadable mod, but Valve bought out and charged people to buy. A game where you die even with full health and armour from a guy camping and sniping you from 2 miles away, it would be ok if he headshot you, but it seems 'Armour' in the game is a thin layer of paper that couldnt even protect you from a water pistol, then you have to wait the whole game until your faggy team mates capture/kill/whatever their objective. The whole point of a multyplayer game is to play, not wait 20 mins before you can respawn.

Oh and did i meantion wallhackers and hostile elitists? Counterstrike is just a breeding ground for obnoxious 12 year olds who think they can play online games, try UT or Quake 3 and prepare to get '0WN3D'
by ben2k9 February 18, 2006
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