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bel air is gay as shit. there are girls who are hoes and try to fight everyone and their mother. they talk shit all they can but when their girls arent arent they got nothing. he guys are retarted, they try hard but in the end they cry like bitches. Bel Air is town is full of parents and grandparents who pay for their kids new 30, 000 dollar cars and they drive wasted in them cause theyre shitty.no ones ever been through a hard time because theyve never experienced anything. they all drop out of HCC because they cant do shit cause theyre too busy gettin fucked up cause they dont pay for shit. these kids piss me off. Bel Air is gay.
hey Bel Air.

girl: hey wanna skip class and get wasted and fuck every guy around?

girl 2: yea def, cause my grandparent pau for it and i got a gas card so who gives a shit ill live here forever
by bel air c/o 2004 November 22, 2005
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