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A term Tiger Woods himself made up honoring his mother as well as his father and all of his cultural heritage. Tiger is far ahead of his time in asserting that he does not need to deny any part of who he is or where he came from to satisfy others need for him to think and act a certain way just because of the color of his skin. He has received extended criticism from apartheidists that believe that the world should be 'seperate but equal' and not beautifully intertwined.

No doubt Tiger never forgot about the time when they didn't allow him on the course in Georgia because he was black, he just did not allow it to prevent him from honoring his mother, and his grandparents as well as his father. Tiger did not hang up his clubs when he faced adversity in Georgia and instead of giving up in the face of criticism and adversity Tiger has continued to prevent the world from defining for him what he can and cannot do, and what is and is not appropriate behavior for a person with his pigmentation. Tiger woods is the future.
Tiger woods is a cablinasian and not who you or I would like to tell him he should be. He invented the term to describe who he is and where he came from. He knows that it is not important for you understand what he means, as long as he does.
by behenderson August 13, 2007
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